About The Abuse Papers

When abusers focus on suppressing information about their past acts, this perpetuates the abuse. Testimony by credible witnesses who come forward publicly is real evidence.

The Abuse Papers is initially focused on the case of Bernard Red Cherries, also known as Robert Coltte, Bernard Redcherries and Robert Oliver Coltte as well as other names. When credible testimony claiming that he abused multiple women and children came to light in public forums, he and his allies did not seek to publicly answer the testimony and allegations. Instead, they sought to suppress the information through threats of force and violence. Much of the information published in the first 12 posts of The Abuse Papers was removed from the Internet by the initial bloggers due to direct threats and intimidation. Many of the sources for this information are identifiable people, not anonymous posters on the Internet. Often they speak of personal experiences, not hearsay.

The Abuse Papers is partly a response to tactics of threat. It is also about freedom of association and information. Suppression of legitimate testimony and discussion is not acceptable.

If anyone wants to attempt to threaten or bully me, my email is cjames964 (at) gmail (dot) com. Please be aware that my understanding of libel law is adequate for evaluating any claims that I am violating such laws. A legal “cease and desist” letter without an itemized list of specific libel violations on this blog does not scare me. Send me a list of specific violations of current libel law and I will critically evaluate and judge them point by point. Do not expect me to excise or delete alleged violations without question.

In the future, The Abuse Papers will cover similar cases where strong-arm tactics are used to silence people speaking of their experiences.

If you have information about cases covered on The Abuse Papers, please write to cjames964 (at) gmail dot com. All emails to cjames964 are considered confidential unless explicit permission is given to re-publish. The only exception to this policy is private communication obviously intended to threaten or bully me or those who comment on this blog. Those will be published.

(revised slightly on August 11, 2009; Added additional aliases and slight editing on June 29, 2010.)

15 Responses to About The Abuse Papers

  1. Shusli says:

    This is an amazing blog.

    You’ve hit the nail on the head about the suppression tactics being used to silence the voices of victims.

    Thank you!

    • cyjames says:

      The very obvious suppression tactics being applied against Eugene greatly angered me. I didn’t want this material to disappear. I do not abide such aggressive and thuggish dickery. I will not let it pass unchallenged. I only hope that my preserving the info here will not rebound negatively on Eugene or you.

      I’m relieved that you aren’t mad that I’ve created this archive. After all, Eugene’s removal of the posts clearly indicated that he didn’t want them up. I hope that, by removing the postings from his ability to affect their availability on the web or the content, it will serve the purpose of helping to protect him.

      I think these posts provide important documentation of the extraordinary pressure that was applied to Eugene. I see it as a kind of “freedom of speech.” I even see it as a kind of “freedom of assembly” issue because survivors/victims should be able to share their experiences and stories with each other without fear. I believe that is part of the healing process.

  2. NC runningWolf says:

    Kudos to you on this blog.
    I find it odd that Eugene and Shusli are under attack when neither of them made any accusations against anyone.
    People attack in fear or when they have something to hide.
    That said, however, KNOWING something is not PROVING it.
    Survivors/victims should be able to share their stories and give each other support.
    Being torn to shreds on a public forum, I think, is cruel and conscienceless.
    It would be better, I think, to seek out local resources and abuse survivor groups.
    And check into legal recourse.

    • cyjames says:

      Thank you. Eugene and Shusli are under attack because they were/are identifiable as real people and they live in an area where Bernard Red Cherries has some contacts and influence. I think he’s about used up his favors there. Portland AIM doesn’t appear to want to back up Robert Van Pelt’s threats.

      I certainly think it’s good to look into the legal recourses available to the survivors/victims of Bernard Red Cherries’ abuse. I hope that his more recent crimes will go to trial. I don’t know what the statute of limitations is on what he did to Martha and her family. I also don’t know the statute of limitations on his crimes against his other wives and children. Then there is the issue of an abuser continuing his abuse, searching out and finding new victims. Some survivors feel some responsibility for preventing the abuser from doing the same thing to new victims. There is ample public evidence and testimony that he is a serial abuser with known victims from a span of over 20 years.

      While I respect your opinion, I think documenting the public testimony remains an important aspect of making people aware of his past behavior. When multiple people come forward independently with similar stories of abuse, this is significant and his behavior becomes a community problem.

      Bernard Red Cherries brought this issue into the public forum through bloggers and DJs. He is the one who chose to make his problems public. It is telling that he denied some charges before any of the victims came forward. His victims also have the right to speak and provide a counterpoint to his attempts at disinformation.

      When victims/family have already tried to work these issues out in private but have been forced to flee from a violent abuser, it is no longer a private matter. It then becomes a community or tribal issue/problem. By continuing to verbally abuse his victims on the radio and the Internet, Bernard Red Cherries has also made this a matter for Internet discussion.

  3. elizabethtool says:


    Do you mind if I post your above comment? With credit and a link of course.

  4. cyjames says:

    You certainly can post my comment, Lizzie! Thanks for asking.

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